Thursday, 30 August 2012

Summer Orientation dinner

I ended up back in Yamaguchi, and back in Hagi just in time for the Summer JET Orientation. It's basically a meeting at the Kencho building in Yamaguchi City, with all the new JETs. It was the first time I had met all of the new people, so it was really nice to go around and meet them. I had to go through a very boring, extremely hot ceremony in my suit before all the other people arrived at lunch. Then it was more introductions, a speech and more boring Kencho fun. I did enjoy meeting everyone, but the intoroduction lectures are always so boring! After the meetings, we checked into our hotels, walked around Yuda Onsen a little and then met up for dinner! It was really fun! We had all sorts of dishes, all sorts. And then when we were finished we went for Karaoke!

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