Friday, 31 August 2012

It's a Snorlax!

My side trip in Osaka allowed me to stop off and get Josh's birthday present. Although it was super early, I knew I had to take the oppourtunity to get it while I was in the neigbourhood. The Pokemon Centre is like a mecca for everyone who has ever loved anything Japanese. I have been before, but never bought anything. I found it easily, thankfully, and it was crazy inside, full of kids and their parents, teenagers playing video games and all sorts. It was even more crazy because Pikachu was there! The kids go crazy for him! (me included!)I got Josh's present and got out of there. Josh came home, and I couldnt help but give him his present early. He loved it. Edit - he adored it! And the smile on his face was so worth it!

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