Friday, 31 August 2012

Date day at Kyoto Aquarium

After my trip to Obama, I headed home to Josh. I was so happy to see him! He was sweet and took the Monday off of work, and we went together on a date day. :) I picked out a pretty cream dress to wear, and off we went to Kyoto. While we had planned to go to the big Osaka Aquarium, but the Kyoto one only recently opened up, and so we headed there. It was a nice, easy walk from the station. It felt so nice to be back in Kyoto after almost a year! I really just havent been back! When we arrived, the queue was horrific! It was so long, and very hot, but Josh got us some drinks, and we eventually got in to see the aquarium. The main animal at this aquarium, was the Giant Japanese Salamander. We had to fight tooth and nail to see them, and they were really crazy looking! Josh loved them, so I bought a cute postcard to send him later! It was pretty busy, and pretty fun, we saw the main tank, with the sharks, and the giant sting rays that I loved, as well as some cute penguins, and the very cool seals. I was a bit peckish, so we got cute bread shaped like an octopus and a seal and a turtle. They were all frozen, which was a little strange! We then saw some fugu, which are the poisionous puffer fish. I thought that one of the fish was super adorable, and looked like it was smiling! It probably was poisionous though! Then we went and watched the dolphin show. We reserved our seats early on and Josh went and got us more drinks and some popcorn. It was such a lovely date, and perfect with the popcorn. Like a live movie! I was really lucky that Josh took the time off to spend with me. I really am a lucky girl indeed, especially as he was so patient with me taking photos of everything and being a little grumpy at the crowds. But I did really have such a lovely time. It is times like these that I wished I lived closer and we could do these big dates a little more often. And actually make them into a date. But, as my Japanese students say, just one time can make really, perfect, wonderful memories!

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