Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Top of the Rock

I was really dissapointed that everything in New York City was so expensive for tourists. It really just must make a fortune. It was tough for me to decide if I wanted to go up the Empire State building or the Rockerfeller Center, but they are both about 50 dollars! Because Josh has been to New York before,
he didn't wanna do these observatories - but I so did. I had kind of convinced myself not to go up there - mainly because I was scared. But while we were in the Rockerfeller Center basement, at some of the shops, we ran into some girls who knew Bekah - and they really recommended the Top of the Rock observatory. I booked my ticket, and then from there, it was really great! You go up a lift, and then there were two more escalators up. The first level was super great, but the top one was the best! It really was
such a beautiful view over Central Park on one side and you could see the Empire State Building! I took lots of selfies, before I worked up some courage to ask someone to take my picture. I chose the security guard, and it turns out he was pretty good at taking photos, becasue everyone asks him to do that!

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