Monday, 6 July 2015

All around Corfu Town

Corfu Town is really really photogenic - like a photographer's dream! It has lots of these cute little alley ways and paths, and all sorts of nice outdoor seating, and beautiful Churches. We mainly just walked around the town, stopping in some of the cute little shops along the way, picking up some presents for Shelby and visiting all the points on the map.
There were lots of churches which we popped into, and all sorts of beautiful viewpoints, where you could overlook the sea, and the lovely harbours! It was after getting a little lost, and walking down all sorts of back alleys and little side streets, and climbing up the stairs that I took one of my favourite photos of Josh I've ever taken on holiday. In one of the little shops, he bought this lovely little straw hat, and he wore it everywhere! It really made him look like he was on holiday! After our long hike up the steps, we found this amazing baklava shop, which was just dripping honey all over! But it was super yummy!

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