Friday, 10 July 2015

We made it to the Acropolis!

So after we climbed up and up these hills, we finally made it to the main stream entrance of the Acropolis. But it was really the main entrance of the whole surrounding area of the Acropolis. So then we were with a whole bunch of people, heading up these steps, up, up,
up some more to the actual part of the Acropolis which is very famous, the huge temple. It made it a little less fun because of all the people, and because it was made of marble, even the floor too, so it was slippery! It was super windy, but oh my, was it beautiful there!
The main temple was under reconstruction on one end - the more photographic end (we later found out it has been under construction for almost 10 years). It was so interesting to imaging something so big being completed! The pillars was just huge! It was so large I could barely fit it into a picture! There were people all over, so that made it hard to photograph too! But what was lovely, was next to it, were some more temple ruins which were a little more intact
and that was where we got a few more photos! I love how we coordinated so well on holiday! The Acropolis is on top of a hill, a huge hill, and then carved out of marble, so the view from there is a bit like a "top of the world" view - and it is amazing! I don't think Athens has a pretty sky line per say, but it is a lovely view!

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