Thursday, 23 July 2015

Oh, how I love Central Park!

While Times Square was a bit of a dissapointment, Central Park was certainly not. I hadn't looked forward to Times Square, but Central Park, I so, so had. It's probably because of all the movies and crime shows
I watch that are all set there. And I have heard it is massive - so it was really quite high on my list! Josh's friend Elisa happens to live in New York too, so we met up with her to explore Central Park. It was really just so so big. We walked all through the bottom end of it - and across these pretty bridges with the coolest skyscrapers in the background! I took so, so many pictures. We walked all the way up to the part where the boats were
- but we decided in the end it wasn't worth it, and instead we headed to Chinatown for some so-so dimsum, but followed it up with some awesome, awesome desserts in Little Italy! Josh even got to try New York's best canoli as voted by the public!

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