Friday, 10 July 2015

All Around Athens

Athen's was Josh's pick for the holiday, and he was so excited for it! I had heard so many good things about Athens, and was super excited! We arrived, and again, we stayed in a cute little air B and B. In that apartement, I will always remember playing lots and lots of Uno! But our lady at the apartement was super helpful and gave us advice on where to go and what not. It was quite a turmulous time in Athens, and Greece as a whole, because they were voting on staying in
the EU or not. So the banks were all closed, and cash was hard to get. I felt so sorry for the Greeks during that time - it has to be so frustrating not having access to your own money! We avoided the main government areas, and headed around the sights. One of the
first places we stopped was the ancient Agora. Athens was a really easy city to navigate - we found all the ruins in no time - and even found THE best gelato shop which is pretty much identical to our favourite Italian gelato brand, Venchi!

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