Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A walk through Harvard Yard

Our next stop on our big American road trip was Boston, where we were staying with Josh's aunt Debbie. I was really nervous to meet all his family again, but it was nice because I hadn't gotten to speak to them all much at the wedding. It was super fun,
but on the road up to Boston, we stopped at all of the rest stops in each state (or at least the Welcome centers) and recreated all the photos Josh had taken with his brother and sisters when they were kids. It was good, and kept us busy on the way up. In the morning, we headed to drive into town, and we got a flat tire. Josh was amazing, and he changed it in no
time flat! It was a bit nerve wracking, but we made it and it ended up being the only issue on our trip! We hadn't expected his aunt to live in Harvard, and it was convenient that we use her university spot. Before we headed into town, we took a littlw walk around the campus, which was great! They have a beautiful church and a library and it was very majestic!

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