Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Out and About in NYC

I hadn't got much of an impression of New York before we went there - we were mainly there to visit Bekah, who moved there right after our wedding. We got some time with Bekah, and so we walked all around the city, it felt like! I really had wanted to visit Grand Central Station - I'm not sure why - it's just in so many movies and it was really busy - like Tokyo Station. Underneath, there are some great little delis, and we got some yummy pastrami knishs!
We did a lot of subway riding - and boy was it weird. First - it is super dirty. And the ticket system is just seriously not easy. There were a lot of people taking advantage of the gates, and entering through the exits to avoid the costs. But I did like the photo I took while we waited (forever!) for one of our rides.
New York has these big, wide sidewalks, which were great for tourists! I loved doing some shopping at the giant, giant UNIQLO, and exploring all the cool places around the Rockerfeller Center!

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