Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Along the Freedom Trail

After our walk through Harvard Yard, and being very envious of all the students who get to go there. American colleges always do that to me! So anyway, we headed on the subway into town, right to the centre of Boston, where we started a little on the Freedom trail by ourselves, before meeting up with our friend from Japan, Caitlyn. We started at the state house, and made our way all along important stops in History. We headed over to Quincy Market, where they have a
UniQlo ( with a cool, Purikura style machine) to get some lunch. It was something Josh had been raving and raving about since he was a kid apparently, so we went there. I also found time to get a giant elephant ear thing with sugar and cinnamon - it was amazing!
We headed back after walking all around the city, so that we could spend time with Josh's family. We went to his aunt's house, and she hosted everyone. We had a nice backyard dinner and hung out and played frisbee and then the kids and I played with rocks. It was just a nice time and I know Josh wished they lived a little closer!

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