Monday, 13 July 2015

We are just TOO good at doing Disney

We landed back from Santorini, and thought we had just one day before heading to America, but it turns out we were wrong, and we had to spend a whole 'nother day in Frankfurt. Which just sucked! But we headed to Florida and hung around for a few days before starting out on our big summer road trip. Our first stop was Disney - and we left really early in the morning to arrive at the hotel. We changed our tickets to Magic Kingdom tickets and off we went! It was nice and empty, and we had signed up for all our fast passes online, so we ended up riding everything, having lunch and ....well....being done. We had swapped some pins, eaten a Dole Whip, and rideden all the big rides! So we went to the great outlet mall, before heading back to our cute Disney hotel. I just love staying at Disney hotels - we got takeaway from this great grocery store and brought it back to our room to eat while watching a movie. It was pretty much the perfect day!

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