Thursday, 23 July 2015

Ferrying back and forth to Staten Island

We did get one day to explore New York by ourselves - and it felt a little weird to be out and about without someone to guide us! We decided that was the morning to go and see the Statue of Liberty. You can pay, and take a ferry to the visitor centre that is on Ellis island, pay a whole bunch and then go through security, and then another ferry to see Lady Liberty - but since EVERYTHING in New York seemed to be absolutely extoritionate we decided to head for the cheaper option - the Staten Island
Ferry. The Ferry is FREE (I have no clue how!?) and goes back and forth a lot more regularily. So in the morning, we headed over there - and it wasn't too hard to find the ferry. It was really big, and we got a nice shaded seat on the outside of the ferry. It was so amazing
as you left the city to see the whole skyline and the beautiful sky scrapers. I feel like that is the coolest thing about New York is the amazing skyscrapers. They are just so big, and so....shiny! About half way through the ferry journey, you pass the Statue of Liberty - it's pretty far away - but, hey, it's free!

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