Thursday, 9 July 2015

Herding goats in Akriotiri

We picked Josh up at Akriotiri beach, where he had done his scuba diving. He said that in fact, the instructors there feed the fish, so that it was a cooler experience for the divers! He had got these great chairs for us, and so we sat in the sun on the beach for a while and enjoyed the sun. It was a really busy beach, but the beaches in Greece seem to always have these beach clubs, where you can rent chairs, order food and it's almost like a bar too.
After we left there, we drove around the area a little bit, up these beautiful mountains - with the most amazing view. We parked for a little bit, and saw goats everywhere! It was so quintesentially Greek! We had a really nice time looking at the view, but randomly, our car stopped working and so Daddy had to go and replace the car! It was a bit of an adventure that we didn't need!
Our time in Corfu was really good - it was really laid back, and we got a lot of beach time. Even one day, we spent the entire day back on Glyfada beach. I even managed to have some un because I went to sleep in an amazing bean bag chair! It was such a relaxing time, but a good taste of authentic Greek village life!

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