Saturday, 18 July 2015

The adorable, gay, Provincetown

We drove past Plymouth up to Cape Cod, where Caitlyn's grandparents live. I have always wanted to visit Cape Cod. I don't know why- although it probably does have something to do with Disney Sea's cute little Cape Cod replica! So many of the houses up there are beautiful, with
pretty siding and lovely hydrangeas all over. It is just so picture perfect. We went to a couple little towns, where we visited some antique taffy candy shops, and the Jack Wills, before we drove up to Provincetown. I didn't know, but it is the gay capital of America! There were lots of gay people, and lots of gay pride there! We walked around, and tried the cool Lobster restaurants, followed by some really unique flavoured ice cream.
They had lots of cute shops, which we went into, and we even went down to the water. The pier has all sorts of lovely little shacks on them, where you can sign up for boat trips, but the coolest thing was this awesome bench surrounded by old bouys!

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