Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Little town of Sandwhich

After we left Race Point, and our unsuccessful walk to the dunes - we headed to the cutest little town - Sandwhich. We did some research and found the place that won the best sandwhich in Sandwhich to have lunch at! It was super yummy! And then we visited the lovely little glass factory and saw some glass blowing there. We got a funny little purple glass hen for Josh's mum there too.
It just so happens that the town is twinned with Sandwhich in Kent, England! There was this grain mill that was super photogenic there. Another American food I have discovered that I really like is Cape Cod Chips, and since we were there, we had to check out the factory. The factory wasn't anything super exciting, but we did get free chips, and some really great flavours that we hadn't had anywhere else!

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