Thursday, 9 July 2015

A day trip to Paxos

One of the coolest things we did in Greece, our entire time was a day trip to Paxos. Two people who used to work with Daddy go there and rent a house for the summer. It's not too far from Corfu, and Daddy arranged it all for us to take a ferry to see them. We got a bit lost on our way to the ferry port,
but that was OK, because we made it with enough time to get a coffee and take the hydrofoil to see them. I get super sick, regardless of what type of boat I am on, but I was in the sun and got a nice snooze. We were met by Daddy's friends, and headed up to their house. Their villa was super lovely, had two bedrooms, and a nice pool. I think it was more up Mummy's street, but she had been so good about us wanting to go a little cheaper and have an air B and B. We hung out in their pool a little bit - it had a little shallow pool and we had
just a lovely time there! After the pool, they had booked a restaurant for lunch. Apparently, there are three little tiny villages on the island, and the easiest way to get around is by bus or a taxi. As we went in the taxi, they took us through these cute little villages. There was no way I could have walked them, but I so would have liked to have been able to get out and walk through them all. But alas, we didn't and we got to Lakka, where we were having lunch. And it was so so amazing! The water was beautiful and blue! They took us to see the
pirate style ship, and we went into a few shops, before eating at such a nice little restaurant! It was probably the best food we had the entire time in Greece! The harbour area was full of huge yachts - Paxos is definitely a place to come and enjoy if you have some money! It was such a picture perfect place that we did have to take tons and tons of family photos!

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