Friday, 3 July 2015

The view over Paleokastitsa

Our air B anad B was super cute, this little apartment where we had this cute couple next door who gave us eggs and veggies fresh from their garden. We did try and cook the one time, and Mummy and Josh made a lovely bolognaise. So one time, we tried to go out and find a restaurant. There weren't
many restaurants around us, but we did keep going up and up and up around this hill, where we found a while bunch of closed restaurants, and a great view! A really lovely view of Paleokastitsa, which is this cute beach and port town. It was really our first view of Corfu apart from the beach, and it was super lovely.
Thankfully there was a place to pull our little car over and look over the edge and take some photos! We found a little place that was open, but sadly not for dinner, so we got our first taste of yummy Greek baklava!

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