Saturday, 4 July 2015

The British Cemetery in Corfu

After a few days in our little village, trying to find restaurants, going to the beach and such on, and I finally convinced everyone we should head into Corfu Town. I was so excited to go, and to be honest, I expected it to be a little bigger, so I did lots of research. I found the number one thing to do in Corfu Town was the British Cemetery...and there were tons and tons of great reviews on Trip Advisor for the place, saying all about the guy who is running it at 80 some years old.
And he has lots of daughters who all live elsewhere, so there is noone there to help him! We got there, and it was so interesting! We walked all the way around it, through all the cactii, and found all sorts of interesting graves there. We got to chat to
the caretaker too, he was so interesting, and told us lots of stories about Greek history and England's history on the island of Corfu. Josh even found a cute little tortoise too!

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