Friday, 10 July 2015

Walking the wrong way up to the Acropolis

I would like to think I can read a map quite well. I did Gold D of E, and I usually am quite good with my sense of direction. We decided to head up to the Acropolis - and we could see it! So off we headed. But it turns out there is definitely a CORRECT way to head up to the Acropolis. We followed one small sign, and our map, before we ended up climbing these little alley ways up up up these steep steep hills. Eventually we made it to this gate, where we asked where we were
- and we had made it to the Acropolis! But the back entrance. So it was a pretty steep climb to go. On our way up, we found these cool ruins, and because we were so tired, we had to stop and take some cool photos. I guess we should have guessed that we were going the wrong way because we didn't see another single person given that it is THE tourist attraction in the entire country!

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