Thursday, 2 July 2015

We made it to Glyfada Beach!

The very first day after school ended, we hopped on a plane to Athens, and then to Corfu, to go on holiday with Mummy and Daddy. We arrived first, and I was super grumpy (and wouldn't eat anything at the super busy airport) but then they arrived, and we waited hours for a car, but we made it so it finally was starting to look up! Josh had picked out this beach which was the sandiest beach for Mummy, and it was nearer to the airport, so we headed over there. It turned out that there was a new beach club which had just opened two days before, and it had great sun loungers, a good restaurant and an upscale bar. It defitely was a cut above all the rest! We had a nice afternoon there, before heading inland to our cute little Air B and B in the cutest, most Geek villiage you could imagine, with the most amazing chocolate biscuits at the bakery! The first morning, Daddy tried to pay with a 50 euro note, and they just let him have the cookies!

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