Sunday, 5 July 2015

Pretty, pretty Corfu Town

We finished up at the Cemetery, and drove into town from there to find a parking spot! The town was so adorable, and the parking is right in the centre of everything. On one side was a beautiful castle, another was a cricket field , and this lovely park full of little restaurants and these beautiful beautiul pink flowers which I love! I took so many photos of them before we went and grabed some yummy gelato in town. I really loved Corfu Town, and we had a great time!
It was so nice to be on holiday, and it was kind of this realisation that this was the first long holiday we had been on since our honeymoon in Mexico! Greece has been on my bucket list for so long that it was really great to finally be there. And Corfu was totally unlike what I had expected, you could really see the British influence on it!

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