Sunday, 19 July 2015

A very weird walk to Race Point

We decided that while we were in Cape Cod, it would be good to go and see one of the the awesome lighthouses that they are famous for. However, it was really, really expensive to park and walk to some of the lighthouses. We just couldn't justify going and paying that much for it. So we did find an off national park area, and decided to walk to the lighthouse. On Google maps it didn't look too we got out and started walking. It was really hot, and quite a nice walk, but it was getting sandier and sandier.
The park rangers drove up, and came to check on us - we felt so silly! They were concerned that we didn't have enough sunscreen or enough water. I think we would have been fine, but it did make us quite nervous! So we went to the beginning of the same dunes - and took some pictures and then headed back!

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