Saturday, 11 July 2015

Dreaming of Donkeys!

I wont lie - I was pretty obsessed with seeing Donkeys in Santorini. I had heard they were in Oia to take people who arrive by boat up to the town, but I hadn't seen any and I was super sad! You see donkey themed memorabilia everywhere in Oia! So finally we asked, and while Mum and Dad enjoyed a snack, we headed down the stairs to the port. I had seen it was a bunch of dusty, grotty stairs, but it was 60 flights. But once we started,
we had to just keep going. Josh was such a good sport, just to go all the way down to see some donkeys and take some photos of them....and then to walk all the way up 60 flights again. By the time we made it back up to the restaurant, had a drink and settled down again, we were ready to move on back to the car. As we stepped out of the restaurant, bam, there were a ton of donkeys heading down to the port. It was THE path the donkeys headed down - and I got great photos of them!

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