Monday, 20 July 2015

9/11 memorial

Our next stop was NYC! New York hasn't really been on my to do list until Josh's little sister Rebekah moved there. It was so exciting! She moved there just after our wedding, and so it was really exciting to see her! Her apartment in Harlem was quite big actually, and she knows her way around so well! I was really not prepared for how difficult the subway was there! The good news is, you could just ask anyone! The first night, we mananged to catch up with Josh's cousin for Indian food, and then the next day, when Bekah had to go to work,
we headed for the subway. It wasn't super easy to even find the train station - although we did find the most run down Mcdonalds restaurant ever - but we made it into town. One of our first stops was a random deli, followed by the 9/11 memorial. I don't think it is possible to imagine how horrible it was or how big it was. It was weird. It feels too much like a tourist place and not enough like hallowed ground. But the way they have done it is lovely, with beautiful fountains and the names - there are just so many. And it hits you hard. And there are people and children in this world that have no clue what life was like before 9/11. We didn't do the museum - or the observatory - but I am glad we went.

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