Thursday, 9 May 2013

An amazing Wisteria Garden

We stayed at a hotel in Kumamoto, and spent ages wandering around looking for a Yaki Niku restaurant, until, finally, quite late at night, we found one! It ended up being really delicious and we had a great dinner and then I got some ice cream at 31! The next morning, we had Starbucks, tried to go to a closed cat cafe, and then headed out to our last destination - the wisteria gardens! The Wisteria gardens are in full bloom now! We tried to visit the Kawaguchi gardens last year, but were told not to bother coming because they were all finished. I had seen some ALTs go a week before Calvin and I did, and they didnt see anything, so we ended up timing our visit to be just right! The gardens are located in Kitakyushu, not too far from where we live, but again, off the beaten path a little bit. There were so many beautiful tunnels of white and purple wisteria and it smelt simply amazing! The tunnels wind up this hill, and at the top of the hill, there were beautiful coverings made from a few trees, which covered all the ceiling with wisteria. It was there that I discovered the pinky purply wisteria I had never seen before too! It was nice to just wander the tunnels, and stick our heads through all the low hanging wisteria. It looked like it all belonged in a gardening magazine or something! It did, however, remind me of all of the wisteria which covers my home back in the UK! Eventually, we had to leave, and head back for the long drive to Hagi. We ended up making good time, which meant I even got a little rest after 2 weeks of international travel and road tripping all over Japan!

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