Thursday, 9 May 2013

Wat Arun

Sophie requested Pad Thai for lunch, so we went to our drivers favourite spot. It was delicious, and I even got a entire coconut to drink. The couple next to us were actually Japanese and from Yamaguchi! I was a bit disconcerted by how many foreigners there were everywhere in Bangkok! While we were there, Sophie mentioned wanting to go to Wat Arun, the sunset/sunrise temple. It wasnt on our tour, but we still got to go, and it was lovely. We didnt climb all the way up it, but it was still really nice - and we got to ride a boat across the river too, which was fun! The buildings themseleves are actually made up of broken pottery, so they dont have the same shiny effect as the whole palace. Sometimes you can see an entire saucer on the building! I was really partial to the beautiful colours on all of the buildings, and the gates, and the little animal charachters which can sometimes symbolise angels or demons. I really loved this one I found on a red railing as we were leaving and walking to our next destination.

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