Thursday, 9 May 2013

All around Aso

We wandered around the area of Aso, on foot, rather than by driving, as the traffic was really bad. There were pretty hills, so we climbed up a few, and could see the volcano from the top. It was pretty cool, even though we werent that close! I saw that you could take a helicopter over and up to the top to look into the volcano. Now, that - its pretty cool and had we had time, we might have done that because it wasn't very expensive! Eventually, we had to get back in the car and drive towards iur next destination. On our way out of Aso, we stopped several times so we could admire the great view from the mountains, as well as stop and see some cows (which was really exciting for me!) I think cows are super cute! We couldnt get up close, but that was fine by me, and we joined the long traffic jam which lead out of Aso (and away from all the dairy farms that people were visiting) and joined the motorway going south towards Miyazaki Prefecture for our next adventure!

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