Thursday, 9 May 2013

Omayazumi Shrine

After waiting a long time between buses, and taking a few photos in between, I made my way to this famous shrine which apparently ouses the most amount of treasure in Japan. I met Sam there, as she had travelled the other way along the bridge and we explored the shrine together. It was very clean and well kept and very rural. I liked how green it was too. There were lots of pretty details, and old trees, and we wandered through a little forest for a bit too. I'm not quite sure what this shrine was famous for, but I really appreciated that it had a locker for my luggage and a row of pretty lanterns for me to photograph! We wandered around the shrine for a little bit, and bought some interesting ice cream actually made more of ice than anything else, in the local special flavour, salt. It sure was interesting! Then we waited for the bus towards the mainland of Shikoku, and took the long bus ride back!

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