Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tokyo Disney Sea - Trolley Park

One of the newest additions to the park since I last visited in October was the Toy Story Mania ride, which is in the brand new Trolley Park town area. Its based on the same ride as the one in DisneyLand in Orlando, but the area is themed a lot differently from what I remember. This area is right next to Tower of Terror and actually really small! I went in during the day - but at 8am, opening time, the line was already several hours long - so instead I went in at night to take photos. Disney Sea isnt very well lit - its got very natural lighting rather than bright and safe(like you would find in America) and the Trolley Park just is hugely lit by bulbs all over the roofs and every possible surface! It looks really impressive and so nice at night! It seems really small - for what they could have built - but it seemed to be really popular - and a good way to bring Toy Story into the park - especially as they brought cute little green alien dumplings as the snack in that area!

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