Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Siam Centre

I am really thankful that Sophie had planned a lot of our holiday, as she knew exactly what we should do. After our cake, and a long time in the sauna, and a nice clean outfit ( after 10 hours travelling), we headed to the train station near our hotel. I think it's called the Sky Train because it's up in the sky. Public transport in Thailand is incredibly cheap, so so cheap when I think about it now. We made our way to Siam, and attached to the station are three huge malls. The first one we went in was the Siam Centre. It was certainly amazing. On the one floor is all super unique designers, the middle floor, more affordable Asian brands, the floor below, western ( read British) brands, and then at the top, an amazing food floor with lots of restaurants from around the world. It was a really cool place, but I think what made it so ingesting was all the creative art everywhere. All the store fronts were made very artistically, some with giant ice cream cones or dressed up elephants. And there were a lot of art exhibits too. There was even one where different people could make up and orchestra together! I really liked this shopping mall, even though it was a little expensive, but it was definitely the place to be!

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