Thursday, 9 May 2013

Wat Pho

When I had talked with Kerstin a week before, she had stressed how much she had loved this temple. I hadnt put two and two together, but this is the temple with the giant reclining Buddah. Think of the biggest Buddah youve seen - and this one is so much bigger! And hes reclining, so he seems super long! The building which surrounds him was actually built around him because they werent sure how it was going to be possible to get him in a building! This was the temple where we got to touch gold leaf. Gold leaf is really popular at temples in Thailand, and sometimes you can bring them to put on the Buddah outside when you pray. Sophie and I each got a bit of gold leaf off the floor - it was just floating away in the breeze! Outside of the giant reclining Buddah, there were these beautiful towers, covered in little mirrors. Some were short, and some were tall, but if you had enough money, you could get buried there! I also liked the rows and rows of Buddahs they had, bright and gold. Some of them were being redone, and you can see the new mosaic work compared to the is a seriously long and dedicated process!

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