Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tokyo Disney Land - this is LOVE

This might be my last big Disney weekebnd with both parks (although I will be back to Land in 2 weeks) but this was my last trip with Josh, and so it was a bit sad - we shall have to do DisneyLand Paris once we move to Europe in 2 more months - and of course, we will both be in Florida, but seperately. It was just nice to get some photos of him and I - our last few big trips are behind us and this is probably the last one together!
I find Disney incredibly romantic personally - a little manufactured - but fairy tale like, and thats what I like. Our great friends Sophie and Russ got engaged the night before at Tokyo Disney Sea, so we went to take photos of them and their ring, and Sophie snapped a few of Josh and I in our matching navy V necks! When she said "Do something romantic!", he proceeded to put his hand on my head, and this is the photo that resulted! I love how we are in front of Cinderellas Castle, and I love how it is decorated for "Happiness Year", or the 30th Anniversary since the Park opened. There were special balloons everywhere, and I got so many special limited edition 30th year sovineers too. It was a wonderful trip - possibly the best I have had all year and definitely, while it might not be so Japanese, the park has its own Japanese feel to it - the way the characters are idolised, to the matching outfits, to their obsession with Duffy and keychains on their bags - this place is somewhere special to me. Because really, Disney is the same all over the world - and thats why its so wonderful!

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