Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tokyo Disney Land - Toontown

I am at Tokyo Disney Sea a lot more often than Tokyo Disney Land, so I was really excited to get to do both parks in one weekend! We chose to do Disney Land on the Sundayin hopes that we could get it all done in the morning, before we headed home in the afternoon. I actually hadnt been to Tokyo Disney Land since the summer when we went with David and Julianne for my birthday! I also discovered that I had never been to ToonTown! I remember going in Hong Kong, and in Orlando too, but when I was a littl kid. I guess it is full of little kids rides, but it also is where you go to meet all the characters! I didnt want to wait in line, so instead made everyone walk through the area, and we took photos in front of all the houses. My favourite was Chip and Dales Tree House. I think it looks like its Josh and my new house instead! We climbed all through the houses, and took lots of funny pictures, like these lamp post ones. People thought we were hillarious (and we certainly are!) but I took a lot of pictures of the funny postboxes and the corn potage popcorn they have there! (We certainly didnt try the corn potage popcorn either!) I think my favourite photo from the whole trip is the one with me driving Goofys car! I look delighted, while everyone else looks like were crashing and its a pretty funny photo - with my pretty funny friends!

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