Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A rainy day in Nikko

I finally made my way back up to Tokyo - the first trip since March, and was so happy to see Sam! She had booked us into a super cute twin room which was more like my dorm at Moreton than I care to admit! We got up early and headed on the long train to Nikko....well, I slept the entire way and some nice old men woke Sam up to ask if we needed to change trains at the intersection station. It was pretty sweet of them! Finally, we arrived, got the correct bus, and headed up to the temple areas. It was just pretty drizzly all day, but in the morning, it was very light and we could do without umbrellas. All the temples were really beautiful, covered in intricate carvings and pretty colours. Even in the rain they stood out! We didnt stay too long, just enough to see the temples and grab some bannana pancakes from a food truck with a vendor from Hagi! Pretty small world!

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