Thursday, 9 May 2013

Playing with Full Moon

First, we took Ful Moon through the village where the people who worked there lived. A lot of them were illegals from Burma we were told, but came with the elephants from Burma. Their children cant go to school, which was a shame, but they were very excited to see us! We even managed to squeeze under the low lying bare electricity wires (pretty scary stuff) which riding on top of the elephant! We took Full Moon down to the river, where she played with us in the water, sprayed us with water, dumped us in the river, and let us climb all over her. We made sure to give her a good scrubbing down and put some medicine on her where she had a few cuts. It was a really unique experience, as most people just get to ride the elephants, and occasionally feed them. Full Moon was pretty funny and liked to spray us in circles and have water fights! She was so adorable!Our tour guide Lilly was really good at getting right in the water with my camera, rolling up her trouser legs to get super close and take some amazing photos. I was really glad we have some of the photos, especially all the ones I have where I am falling off a 10 foot elephant into a cold, dirty river! Haha! But we did have an amazing time, and we were lucky enough to get to get so many nice photos with such a lovely elephant. After we got a bit dried off, and changed our clothes, we got a nice lunch on the veranda where we could watch the elephants play, and we went on to our next destination - the tigers!

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