Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tokyo Disney Sea - Meditteranean Harbour

One of the largest parts of the Disney Sea park is the Meditteranean Harbour area, which is right as you come in. It is basically a full scale model of Venice. I usually spend hours here just taking pictures. This is where all the nice shops are, some great Italian restaurants, a Gelato shop, and even a hotel you can stay in! I never thought there were any rides really there - instead it was more of a stage for the shows - but actually you can take a gondola around the main laggon area in the centre. We were waiting for Russ and Sophie to watch a show, so Josh and I went over and managed to time it perfectly for the gondollas first opening of the day. So we got to take a really nice, leisurely boat ride along the canals up to the main laggon, where you could see the whole main park. It was ncie to get a different view of the park too! Lots of people waved at us, and the gondalier man sang in Italian, so it was pretty lovely! It is seriously easy to understand why this theme park was the most expensive theme park in the world to build. The attention to detail, and the little asthetic parts (which are my favourite) may not be neseccary but are certainly amazing.

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