Thursday, 9 May 2013

Takachiho Gorge

This is one of those places that you see in a magazine, or a brochure, and just really want to go. I've been wanting to go to this specific gorge since I arrived in Japan, but have never had the chance until Calvin had a car. It's really a beautiful spot, in the middle of nowhere, in a place extremely unaccessiable unless you have a car. Which thankfully we did! When we finally found somewhere to park, we came to realise we were on the wrong side of the gorge, so we walked along the river, which was beautiful. Often, because of all the tourists they get, these places are really well organized, with cement steps, and no dirt paths. So, actually, it was very easy for us to walk along and find our way. We walked along, and took lots of pictures, right about the time when the sun was setting. The boats were already full, as it was golden week, and people had stood in line for 6 whole hours, so really, I was certainly glad we didn't arrive and try and wait in line. We went down to the waters edge, and took photos, before heading back to the car, and trying to find a bridge which Calvin saw advertized on our way there!

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