Thursday, 9 May 2013

Marugame Castle

We didn't stop in Imabari very long, but long enough to get a trip towards Kagawa ken and Marugame Castle. I quite like all castles, but Sam really likes the origional ones which haven't been rebuilt. This one was really old, and we arrived at a nice sized station, so we got some food and information before setting off on our way. On our walk, we encounted the castle mascot. He was crossing the road, but when we noticed him and pointed, hus handler had him turn around and wave for the camera for us. In the middle of traffic. But im pretty sure thats not such a big thing in Japan. Everything has a mascot. So its certainly not weird to have once stopping and holding up traffic to let some foreign girls photograph him. I thought he was pretty cute! We found our way to the castle in no time, across the moat with carp streamers, and into the main castle park. From there it was a serious huff ad puff up to the top of the castle area. It was really pretty, through a wooded area, with nice even steps. When we finally made it to the top, the view was really lovely, and Marugame was a much bigger city that we had previously thought! We had a nice time at the top, taking pictures and admiring the view. And the weather had gotten very warm too, so it was a great afternoon!

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