Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Tokyo Disney Sea - Arabian Coast

Usually I never really spend any time riding any rides in the Arabian Coast section - or eating curry or the curry flavoured popcorn they have there. Instead, we often walk through it and just take pictures.
This time, however, we rode the Sinbad ride, as Russ really likes it. Its a similar idea to the "Its a small world" ride in that you go around on a little boat watching animatronics sing to music. Like the Disneyland attraction, its pretty catchy! One place we always stop however is at the giant Tiger and at the Camel. You can see that Josh and I had matching outfits - and Sophie and Russ and Josh and I all had the same matching Pixar and Disney shirts! Very snazzy! We love that camel - and have so many dorky photos - some from our visit in October are on my wall at home, and I just love them!

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