Saturday, 18 January 2014

My Christmas at home.

Way back in October, Josh and I decided to spend Christmas and New Years in Central Europe this year, meaning that it would be my very first Christmas away from home. The closer and closer it got, the harder it got. Grandma and Papa had set up the tree, but didn't decorate it yet. So one night, Grandma and I unpacked all the bulbs and decorated the tree together. It was one of the nicest nights of my life - just chatting with her and Papa about their lives and past Christmases.
It was so lovely. Last year, the day after Christmas, we went out and bought a 7 foot tree instead of the 10 foot tree which they have had most of my life! We went out and did some Christmas shopping, and went all around town collecting things on people's Christmas lists. When my Mummy came to Michigan a few days before I had to leave to go back to Europe - we got prepared for my Christmas, which we celebrated the day before I left. We had wrapped up all the presents, and put them out in front of the tree.
In the morning, it was just like Christmas morning. It was just Christmas without anyone there! But between Mummy, Grandma and Grandpa, it was such a nice Christmas. I got tons of lovely presents - lots of lovely clothes from Zara, and a cute Grumpy Cat plush toy,
and the coolest thing was my ballet DVDs and gym equipment. After I had opened all my presents, I had to leave and get ready for the airport, and my final present arrived on the Fed Ex truck - my Ballet bar, which attaches to the door. Now I've got it in London and it's pretty amazing! I love the big mound of presents under the tree. It didn't feel quite the same as the magic of Christmas morning, because I wasn't with my family, but it was wonderful none the less, and made me really appreciate how wonderful my family is!

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