Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Neuremburg Rally Grounds

On our way out of Neuremburg, we stopped at the Neuremburg Rally grounds. To be honest, Neuremburg has a really weird history in that it is where the Nazi Headquarters were. The boys both know a lot about history, so on the way into town we had stopped at the main central Rally grounds, but these ones were the ones you see in all the history books. It was
kind of creepy - they had just been left there, but the central area had been turned into a sports centre, with football pitches in the middle. I suppose it was good that it was being used in a positive way, but still a little strange. Both of the boys climbed up to the top and said the view was really interesting, and the place was a lot bigger than it looked! It was only just a little stop, and then we headed on our merry way to Prague!

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