Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Evenings in Prague

Prague was really a lovely city - and really very large! We did some exploring of the Christmas markets, and tried all the food stands they had - it seems that in each city we visited, there were different specialities at the Christmas markets. Our apartement was really close to the main square, so we
spent a lot of time in that area, trying out different restaurants, and looking in lots of the little tourist shops which lined the streets. We tried a bunch of different restaurants actually - one afternoon we found a place which sold goulash in bread bowls - and another evening we went to Hooters! We
explored some of the Jewish quarter in the city too - visiting some synagogues and also the Jewish Cemetery. We also walked around some Churches, seeing all the nice architecture. It really is a beautiful city! We walked across the Charles Bridge late one night - it was really beautiful and you could see the Castle which was up on a hill across the way - with the river, and it being all light up - it was really a great sight! It was pretty cold though - so we quickly headed over to the Opera House, and we headed home to hang out in our very large apartement.
There was a corner shop near our flat, and we always went and bought snacks and then headed home to watch movies and Skype our families. It didn't feel like we had to be out sightseeing all the time, because we had so long there. It was really a nice, relaxing visit.

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