Thursday, 23 January 2014

Back to Shrewsbury

My exam was the very first day I was back in London - way out at the Excel centre in East London. It was a pain to get to - and a pain to get back from too! The next day, I packed up and headed home to Shrewsbury - because we had an entire week off before our lectures started. Mum and I just
kind of hung out, and sorted some wedding stuff - mainly just wedding stuff and we cooked dinner too. It was quite fun, being at home after not being there since almost the start of University. January usually is either snowy or rainy, but I was quite lucky in that the weather had been wonderful
the entire time I was there. I headed out one afternoon with my camera, after running some errands in town. The river was quite high, and a lot of the river had flooded some of the low lying areas. It was a really interesting sight to see the trees sprouting up of the flood waters
I also got to see some cute swans which some people were feeding - and they even came up out the water to get the food, and waddled around for a little while before going back into the water! Then I headed over into the Quarry to take more photos in the sunshine!

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