Saturday, 18 January 2014

Road Trip Stop 1: Heidelberg Schloss

The day after my Christmas celebration in Michigan, my family drove me to the airport in Saginaw. I was heart broken to leave. Just completely heartbroken to miss real Christmas. But off I flew - to Germany. I arrived really early in the morning and Josh met me at the airport. We went back to his apartment and I quickly wrapped his presents. After about 2 hours, we went back to the airport to pick up David, who had flown in from Japan. We picked up a car from the car hire there and drove back home.
The next day we set off on our road trip across Germany and the Czech Republic. Our first port of call was Heidelberg. We stopped at the castle - which was situated on the top of a hill - and we took the cool cable car type thing up there. We didn't pay to go into the castle
- but we did go around the grounds. Although it was a little rainy, we still had a good time. They even had an apothocary museum which we went into - mainly because the boy's dad is a pharmacist. It was actually really interesting! We stopped off after the castle in the town, where we had a great traditional lunch at a place which was recommended by Josh's college. Super yummy!

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