Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Christmas Eve in Neuremburg

Christmas Eve meant our final day in Germany, before we headed over to the Czech Republic. Not much was meant to be open, but we were able to go to a few stores, and back through the Christmas market, and explore the town a little bit. It was a nice city, really a lot bigger than we had thought - but it was nice to wander around the cobbled streets and small tourist shops. We thought there might be a castle in the town - but it wasn't a castle per say, but more of a old lookout base. Up we went, up this huge hill.
It was cold out, but we certainly worked up a sweat getting to the " Castle". It was a beautiful view from there - you could see the whole of the city - and it was really nice and clear so we could see a long way over the roof tops of the buildings. It really was high! There wasn't very much apart from the
view to see, so we took quite a lot of photos of each other, after fighting our way to the front of the barrier. I took a funny one of Josh and David - to be honest there were a lot of very funny photos of the two of them from the trip! In fact - I would say silly photos are their speciality! We also got a nice one of
Josh and I in front of the view as well - before we headed around the little base at the top of the hill, and then made our way back into the city. We didn't wander around too long, because we had a really long drive ahead of us, to get to Prague before it was too late!

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