Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Tour Eiffel

We spent way too much time in Paris sitting in the apartement, not doing anything but studying and playing video games. It was nice that most days we headed over to the local Carre Four and got some great food - and we made dinner together every night - a nice Chicken and rice dish, mexican, and all sorts of yummy breads and jams for breakfast. I think it was nice just being quite domestic, trying out my rusty French again, and living on yummy French baguettes! After a while, the nice weather through the window
really started to get to me, and I decided we needed to go out! A few times, we did head into town - the first time to visit a big war history museum ( where I promptly forgot my camera) and to have a yummy lunch of French onion soup - which is still my favourite. The second time, right before we left, we headed over to the famous site where you can stand on this huge balcony and see the Eiffel Tower. We've been up to the base, and seen it up close, but it was really nice to see it from this distance - because it really is huge and tall!
We had lunch and then came back and bought nutella and coconut crepes, and just sat near the balcony and stared at the Eiffel Tower - it was just nice to be out and about and relax, and just be in Paris, rather than inside in Paris. It was a great end to our vacation before we headed home to Frankfurt!

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