Saturday, 18 January 2014

My family at Christmas

After we cleaned up all the paper from all of my amazing Christmas presents, we had some nice lunch and then I insisted on taking some photos. Usually, it is me taking all the pictures on Christmas Day morning. And generally, all my photos are of other people! Since I thought it would be nice to have some memories of my first "Pre -Christmas" I collected Mummy, Grandma and Grandpa all together and we took some nice photos. Getting my family to take a photo is so hard because they are always talking!
I actually don't have many photos of me and my grandparents since I was a little kid - and if I do - they always have someones mouth open! I really like this one of me and my grandparents, and I even got their cute dog, Jackson in the photos too! He was feeling a little left
out while we were opening presents, so we brought him into the living room for photos. The poor dog also got to wear my Santa hat. He looked adorable, but he certainly didn't look happy about it!

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