Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Our first little Christmas Tree

We got to our apartement in Prague - it was amazingly huge and lovely! Because it was Christmas Eve, I immediately started unpacking all the different Christmassey things I had unpacked - I had a whole entire suitcase full of Christmas tree stuff, and a whole suitcase of presents which I had wrapped in both Frankfurt and before I left Michigan. Josh and David are Jewish, and have NEVER set up a Christmas tree. It was so fun to get to show Josh how to do it - putting the tree together, getting all the lights on it, and then
hanging all the nice decorations on it. I had brought the same Christmas tree which I had used when I lived in Bristol for University. It was super cute, and I had all sorts of different ornaments for it. Mummy had even bought us some great Cadbury's ornaments, which are edible, and a great memory from my Childhood! I think Josh liked those best of all! Once the star was on the top, we put all the presents we had brought under the tree. I had such a nice time decorating our first tree together. Christmas might have been a little different this year, but it still was lovely!

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