Wednesday, 22 January 2014

All dressed up for Christmas Dinner

While our apartement in Prague was super big, and had all the amenities, including a huge dining room table, but having never cooked a big Christmas dinner, I figured it probably wasn't a good idea to start doing that the very day of Christmas. So instead, we booked to go over to one of the big International hotels in the city, only a short distance away and have a Christmas Dinner buffet that they were holding. I decided, in order to make it special, we should all get dressed up. Both of the boys wore nice suits, and I had bought a
nice dress specially for the occassion. I had brought my high shoes, so it was hard to walk on the cobblestones, but I was very glad we had dressed up - not that everyone else was dressed up - but that it made it a bit special. There were lots of yummy foods at the buffet, chicken, fish, beef and even turkey ( which was what we were hoping for!) and lots of side dishes. I loved the deserts they had too - lots of sweet things and lots of things covered in chocolate! We also got free champagne, and there was lovely music in the background. I did miss a lot of the foods
that we had at home, like the cranberry sauce, and the stuffing ( I have missed stuffing so much!) but it was much better than anything I could have made! After the dinner, we went home, and changed into much warmer clothes, and headed out and about to explore the Christmas markets which were only about five minutes from our house. It was a nice end to Christmas Day - our first one away from home!

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